We ship cars between USA and Canada. Established in 1983, US Canada Auto Transport has grown a massive fleet of reliable truck drivers operating in both countries. Since we offer door-to-door car shipping services, we will pick up and drop off your car in any state or province. We also assist in helping our customers purchase a vehicle over the internet and transport it anywhere in the US or Canada. We pickup cars at auto dealerships for you. We are a high volume Canadian and US auto shipping company. Nobody can beat our rates!


Shipping Car to Canada from USA
If you are shipping a car to Canada from US, we will clear Canadian Customs for you. There are many reasons why someone would want to import a car to Canada from the US including, but not limited to:

- Sending a Car to Canada As A Gift, for a New Immigrant, as a Purchase, an    Inheritance, for a Vacation, or on a Work or Student Visa.
- A Canadian Leased Vehicle Being Returned To Canada.
- Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With A Canadian Vehicle    or With a US Titled Vehicle

Shipping Car to USA from Canada
If you are shipping a car to the US from Canada, then we can clear US Customs for you. Shipping a car to the US from Canada happens for many reasons, but the most common are:

- Going to USA As A Snowbird Or On Vacation
- Send to USA As A Gift or Purchase
- Shipping Car to USA As An Inheritance or for Immigration, Student or Work Visa,    Repair, or for Re-Export Overseas

We specialize in all your vehicle shipping needs

We have a professional and knowledgeable staff that specializes in the transporting autos, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and boats between USA and Canada. We can offer specialized customs information and services on both sides of the US/Canadian border to facilitate the hassle-free auto transporting of your vehicle.

Since we have been operating since 1983, our US Canada Auto Transport system has been streamlined to provide you efficient car shipping service. You can trust us to get your vehicle to you in the same condition as when it was handed over to us. Visit our other site if you need a motorcycle shipping quote.



We specialize in the following types of auto transport scenarios:
- Buying an auto from Canada and shipping it to the USA
- Buying an auto from the USA and shipping it to Canada
- Relocating on study or work visas
- Immigration moves
- Giving autos to friends and relatives as gifts
- Temporary shipment of vehicles into the USA/Canada for repairs or promotions
- Government transfers

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